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Instructor Led Online Courses

Enroll for private, instructor led and online courses in Econometrics and Statistics

Econometrics Diploma

Enroll for private and instructor led online courses in Applied Econometrics Research and earn a verifiable diploma.
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Applied Statistics

If you are a student of Economics, Finance, Business and Social Sciences, enroll for Applied Statistics here.
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Quantitative Research

PhD and MS students in Behavioural Sciences, Business and Management and Social Sciences should enroll this course.
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Econometrics Courses

Specialization modules in Econometrics are offered in the following categories.

Econometrics Diploma

Study selected courses in Applied Econometrics and Quantitative Research Methods. The diploma is designed to ensure the students to Economics and Finance has all the required skills to conduct high impact theoretical and applied research.
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Advanced Econometric Modeling

Advanced Econometric Modeling is a specialized course for PhD students in Economics and Finance. The course covers recently introduced complex econometric methods to capture more realistic variations in the real data to test economic hypothesis for research.
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Stata + Eviews

Stata + Eviews is our most enrolled and intermediate level course for the students in Economics and Finance. The course covers advanced topics in Panel Data Analysis and Time Series Analysis. The course is based on use of Stata and Eviews for data analysis.
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Instructor Led Video Conference Based Lectures

All our courses are instructor led where the lectures follow theory based discussion and practical demonstration of data analysis with writing tips and tricks.

Econometrics Workshop: Nonlinear ARDL

The application of nonlinear ARDL and Dynamic Multiplier has increased many times as most of the economic and financial variables are believe that these vary differently between positive and negative changes. This was requested by many of our PhD students and delivered the free econometrics workshop fully online.
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Econometrics Workshop: VAR and VECM

The VAR and VECM are commonly discussed topics in time series data analysis by students and researchers in Economics and Finance. In this free workshop, we discussed the issues, problems and tips to apply VAR and VECM to time series data in addition to estimating an ARDL model, impulse response functions and variance decomposition.
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Stata + Eviews

Using Stata + Eviews For Applied Econometrics Research...

Private, Instructor Led and Recordable Online Course with Verified Certificate in Econometrics. 
Contents covered include Issues in Regression Models, Unit Root, Cointegration, VAR, VECM, ARDL, NARDL, Fixed Effect, Random Effect, Endogeneity, 2SLS, GMM, PMG and further topics in Econometrics Research. 

Students can select or request further specialized topics if they wish to enroll for private sessions. Also, All students will receive verifiable certificated connected to LinkedIn profiles from AnEc Center for Econometrics Research.
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List of Offered Econometrics Courses

AnEc Center for Econometrics Research is offering the following courses in Applied Econometrics Research since 2010. So far,  113 PhD students have completed these courses which included writing of PhD Thesis as well.

Advanced Econometric Modeling

PhD Level course in Advanced Econometric Modeling covers recently developed and available econometric methods from literature with higher probability of research publication in high ranked journals.
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Applied Econometrics Research

Recommended course in Applied Econometrics Research for PhD students in Economics, Finance and Social Sciences to learn Econometrics Methods and Applications to write their thesis.
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Financial Econometrics

Basic and Advanced level courses in Financial Econometrics can be enrolled by PhD and MS level students in Economics and Finance. All courses include supervision of thesis writing or homework solutions. 
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Applied Statistics and Multivariate Analysis

Students in Social Sciences, Political Sciences and Business and Management can enroll for Applied Statistics and Multivariate Analysis to write their PhD Thesis or MS Dissertation.
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Sample Video Lesson from Econometrics Courses

The following video is a demo tutorial from our Econometrics Courses. The full course covers Sixty -Ninety Minutes Long lectures with complete theory and interpretations of all the results and further issues.
I recommend the private and Instructor led Econometrics courses from Professor Anees to each student in Economics.
Roberto, B - PhD In Information Economics
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Features of Econometrics Courses

All courses from Econometricians Club cover the following basic approaches to Econometrics Research, Social Sciences Research and Financial Research.

Private and Instructor Led

All courses are offered in private except a few on demand public courses which are announced each summer only. You can request a private course to ensure you learn what you wish with all contents specially selected upon your request.
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All Lessons are Recorded

Each lecture of the individual course for each individual student is recorded and made available for download. All lessons are live and one to one between the student and instructor. The course follows a discussion based or question/answer based approach.
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Verifiable Certificates

Each course is based on practical and real world data analysis based course project, thesis writing or research paper writing. The assessment is part of the course certification. All certificates are verifiable online. All students get private verification links.
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